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The answer is simple… 👀

The Instagram algorithm is scanning your account and content for ▪️search-engine optimized keywords and phrases▪️ that are relevant in your industry.

Whether you bake them directly into your caption copy or you include them at the bottom as hashtags, it really doesn’t matter either way. (So, stop stressing!) 😉

The key to Instagram SEO is understanding what your target audience is LOOKING FOR and presenting it in a way that is searchable:

🔎 What are they interested in?

🔎 What are they searching on the platform related to the expertise and value you provide?

🔎 What are some industry topics that are trending?

And if you have a physical shop for your products or services:

🔎 What location can you geotag to target your ideal customer searching a specific area?

Let’s not forget that Instagram SEO (hashtags or not) isn’t the only important piece of content planning. And if your content is 🗑️ to begin with, no number of hashtags will make a difference.

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