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Building a ⚡ strong brand ⚡ for yourself will help you to attract new followers (and potential clients) and ultimately create a sense of community and trust. ⁠

So, how do you do this? ⁠

It's actually more simple than you think! Here are six quick steps that you can start taking today: ⁠

➡️ Establish your brand identity⁠

Your brand identity on social starts with your handle, profile picture, and bio. This should ideally match across all channels! ⁠

➡️ Decide on your niche ⁠

What do you do? Who does your product or service benefit? Create your content pillars and speak to your target audience. ⁠

➡️ Optimize your bio⁠

Make sure that you have a business profile. Write an informative bio that includes keywords and a strong call-to-action. ⁠

➡️ Use your brand colors and fonts⁠

A cohesive aesthetic is part of your brand identity. You should create with your brand kit in mind, including colors and fonts. ⁠

➡️ Apply the same filters⁠

In addition to the above, use the same filters when you edit your photos as well as when you post to your stories. It's the small things. ⁠

➡️ Maintain your voice⁠

Most importantly of all, be YOURSELF. From the photos you post to the way you speak. People see through the b*s*, so let it at the door. ⁠

For more marketing tips for small business owners, follow @kajsanikoleco! ⁠

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