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I know you're busy as a small business owner and that your time is precious. I know how stressful it can get, especially when you're a one wo(man) show). But if you want to grow on social media you, you have to put in the work.

💭 How much free time do you have on a daily basis?

💭 Do you have roughly thirty minutes to spare?

💭 Are you willing to commit just thirty minutes more to your business per day if it means growth and potential sales?

When you get home after a long day, instead of aimlessly scrolling through your personal feed and through the accounts of the people you went to high school with but no longer talk to (sorry, someone had to say it!), why don't you spend it in your business feed? Why don't you spend it engaging with those who could convert to a paying customer down the road?

It sounds more productive, right?

Today, I'm sharing with you four quick daily tasks to complete every day on social media, especially @instagram:

1️⃣ Spend some time on the reels page to learn about new trends. (Don't worry, you don't have to dance.)

2️⃣ Take a look at your insights to help you with future planning. (Hint hint, repurpose your old content to give the people more of what they want!)

3️⃣ Reply to any unanswered post comments and direct messages. (No one likes being left on read, so don't make it a habit to ignore those who want to hear from you most.)

4️⃣ Find similar accounts and comment on others' content. (Show some love to others in the same industry or niche. Who knows! Maybe they'll inspire you with a new idea.)

It sounds like a lot, but hear me out... in less than one Grey's Anatomy episode, you'll be done for the day!

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