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There are so many different apps that automate closed captions. Why is it important? First and foremost, well because accessibility and inclusivity is a must. Why should you care? Keep reading 😉

I keep bringing this up, because I keep seeing the same mistake being made. Too many of you are not including closed captions in your videos — and at this point, there's really no excuse.

Today, we're sharing three different apps that will automate your closed captions:

1️⃣ CapCut

2️⃣ Instagram's native Closed Capture feature

3️⃣ MixCaptions

And three reasons why closed captions are so important:

1️⃣ Accessibility

Adding closed captions is essential for making your videos more accessible to a wider audience, including people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions are also particularly useful to those who might not have access to audio at all.

2️⃣ User Experience

Closed captions can enhance the user experience by providing more information, particularly for viewers who speak a different language than the one spoken in the video.

3️⃣ SEO

Closed captions can benefit the SEO of videos, as they provide text content that can be indexed by the platform and by search engines. This can increase the visibility of the video content and help it reach a broader audience.

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