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Don't have the money right now to support a small business financially? No problem.

Here's how you can support your fellow small businesses and online service providers FOR FREE starting today:

⭐ Follow us on social media

We're all on social media. You're on it right now, aren't you? Make sure you're following the business across all channels. Do one better and turn on notifications for new posts so you never miss an update.

⭐ Write us reviews for products or services

If you've done business with us, it's likely we've asked for a quick testimonial. Please don't ignore these requests. Something as small as a review, especially on Facebook or Google, takes you less than five minutes and means the world to us.

⭐ Subscribe to our mailing lists

We put a lot of effort into our content and we want the reward of owning our leads outside of social media. Sign up for our mailing list and get content (including discounts) straight to your email. What's one more in your inbox anyways?

⭐ Engage with us

Now that you're following us, please engage with the content we put out for you. Like our posts! Save and share our posts! And comment on them! Help us go viral.

⭐ Refer new people to us

Whether your referrals are followers on social media or turn into new business, we'll take them! The more eyes on our businesses and our products or services, the better. And most of us incentivize referrals by rewarding you with a discount.

Thank you to all those who support small businesses like mine. We couldn't do this without you!

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