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So many things can slip through the cracks when your running your own business, but your maintaining your online presence simply ❌CANNOT❌ be one of them.⁠

And I won’t let you go out like that…

The entire world relies on the internet and it's important that the information that exists online for your business (within your control, of course) is ALWAYS up to date. ⁠

For overall customer experience satisfaction as well as reputation management, here are four places within your online presence to check on a monthly basis: ⁠

✔️ Google My Business & Other Accounts (Yelp, Nextdoor, etc.) ⁠

Imagine this. You haven't updated the business hours on Google for your brick and mortar shop in over a year. A customer visits your shop on a Monday, but no one is there. They think you've just gone to lunch and your hours of operation online indicate that you're open, so they come back next Monday. But you're closed again. In my opinion, they are not coming back because you've wasted their time. Repeatedly. Not intentionally of course, but they've now wasted two trips to your shop and haven't even made it through the front door. ⁠

✔️ Social Media & Website⁠

These are usually the first things people see about your business and they base their perceptions of it based on the aesthetic, experience, and transparency. Lead generation and increased sales can be a direct results of well-done and well-maintained marketing efforts. Need I say more? ⁠

Tap the 🤍 if you needed this reminder today! ⁠

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