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Maintaining healthy and sustainable habits to ensure my Instagram account is manageable.

Here’s how!

💌 Check hidden message requests folder [every 1-2 days]

Think of this as your email spam folder. If someone messages you for the first time, chances are they will end up in your spam folder — or on IG, your hidden requests. And if you’re not regularly checking, you might be leaving business on the table. Plus, it’s just not a good look.

💌 Review insights [weekly]

As you work to further connect with your community and provide them with more of the information or content they want to see, your insights are going to be the key to figuring that out.

💌 Respond to any unanswered comments [daily]

Similar to hidden message requests, you never want to leave anyone hanging, especially when they’re ready to purchase your product or service.

💌 Update story highlights [weekly]

You should use this space to highlight your products or services, testimonials, lead magnets, and discounts or promos. Your story highlights are also a great way to convert leads into paying customers, so it’s important to keep these up to date on a regular basis, especially when the content relates to inventory or limited time offers.

💌 Download data [as often as you see fit]

In your settings, you can search for “Download Your Information” to request a copy. The platform will email you with a zip file of your photos, comments, profile info, posts, and more.

For more Instagram tips, follow @kajsanikoleco and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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