• Kajsa Whitney



I was recently asked about how I became a Virtual Assistant, and I realized I really haven't given y'all my full story.

Here goes nothing!

In 2019, my husband and I moved from California to Rhode Island (where I'm from!) to help with my grandmother.

In May, I started to work with a nonprofit as their Meeting & Events Sales Manager.

When Covid hit, you very well know that meetings and events weren't happening AT ALL. Fortunately for me, my employer quickly pivoted me into a Marketing role and I didn’t lose my job.

Somewhere between my grandmother passing away and Covid being at its prime, my husband and I started to really talk about our life together, what makes us happy, and where we want to be. And we quickly realized we wanted (and needed) to be back in CA.

I hoped I could continue to work with my employer from a distance, as I'd been working remotely already. But, they didn't approve my request.

After everything life threw at us during that year and a half in Rhody, we shipped our truck, we shipped a pod, we packed ourselves and two dogs into the car, and we headed west to go... home 🌴

We arrived back to California in Oct. 2020, without jobs and without a real plan.

It was apparent how much more competitive the job market was in CA now with a pandemic. It was unclear how seriously some employers were taking it. And quite frankly, I didn't want to settle for just anything.

So, I had a choice. It was either take any job that presented itself. Or take the risk and put myself out there and start a business.

Forever and ever, my husband, my dad, my grandparents, my friends, everyone had been telling me to start my own thing.

So, I did it. I did THE DAMN THING.

Out of my inlaws' dining room, I did it!

I started small. I downloaded way too many freebies. I signed up for too many free courses. I joined too many Facebook groups. I made so many mistakes.

So today, exactly one year to the day that I submitted my notice to my last employer, I am celebrating my saying YES and forging my OWN path.

And I am never looking back! ✨