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Instagram story highlights can be the key to converting your followers to loyal paying customers 💸 Here’s how!

✨ Feature client testimonials

People want to work with someone they can trust. They pay close attention to social proof, and happy customers and positive testimonials provide just that.

Need testimonials? ➡️ Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for feedback more regularly (i.e. midway through a project or once one is complete). And don’t hesitate to ask them to post their positive comments to public platforms such as Google and Yelp so that your hard work is recognized beyond Instagram.

✨Feature lead magnets

Not everyone is ready to buy from you, and that’s okay! Don’t force it. Instead, continue to provide value by showing up as an expert in your field and offering free resources.

Not sure what to offer? ➡️ Think about what it is that people come to you for. What are the most frequently asked questions for your business? How can you solve a problem for your target audience? Now take that information and turn it into a free download (aka “lead magnet”). Once this new subscriber is on your mailing list, you now have the opportunity to nurture them into becoming a paying customer.

✨ Feature products or services

People want to very quickly learn learn what you provide and what problem you can solve for them. In addition to your bio information, you can use your story highlights to expand upon your business, who you serve, and what products or services you provide.

Wondering how? ➡️ Story highlights are a great place to not only showcase your products and services, but also feature your availability/inventory as well as any special promotions. When you make this information readily available and provide clear call to actions (don’t forget to include clickable links!), people are more likely to buy from you — or at the very least inquire.

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