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The bad news? 💭

You really *don't* know your ideal client if you don't understand how the psychology behind their decision making process.

The good news? 💭

I'm here to break it down for you as it applies to your marketing strategy!

Buyer psychology is essentially when a client has an emotional reaction to what you're telling them about your product or service, which then leads them to take action — or not.

So why is it important in marketing?

When you consider your ideal client's buyer psychology, you can create more content that *actually* converts.

And how do you do that?

It's as simple as these three steps ⬇️

✨Align your messaging to mindset

If you're selling Pilates classes, you will want to position your messaging to include more about how your ideal client DESERVES to feel good and take care of themselves through exercise and how your classes do JUST THAT.

✨Reinforce a sense of belonging

If you want to create a strong community, you will want to show up from an authentic and consistent place. Check in on your followers and have real conversations, so they know that you genuinely care for them. The loyal following (and purchases) will come.

✨Shape your client's habits

Let's say you are a supplement brand. You have to make them feel as though they're missing out by not using your product and show them how effortless it would be to incorporate it into their daily routine. Talk about FOMO.

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