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When was the last time you checked your Instagram security settings?

If you've paused, it's probably been a minute.

Let this be your friendly reminder to run to your settings and check the security of your Instagram account. With the amount of bot accounts and spam activity, it's important to secure your account as best you can. Here's how!

Login Activity

  • Want to know who is currently logged into your account? This setting is about to be your best friend! Whether you manage your account alone or you work with a remote team across the country, Login Activity is a quick and easy way to verify who is logged into your account - and where. See login activity you don't recognize? Simply log them out... and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • This is a feature that helps you protect your account and your password. If you set up two-factor authentication, you will be sent a login code and be prompted to enter it each time you access your account. This is particularly useful in preventing others from logging in without your permission.

Apps + Websites

  • Saving the best for last! Chances are you probably have no clue which apps and websites are linked to your Instagram account. And that's okay! You can check to see which are connected to your Instagram and which can access your non-public information. See something that shouldn't have access? Simply edit - or remove - the permission altogether.

For more tips and tricks on how to protect your Instagram account, follow along at

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