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If you're not showing up on Instagram in a way that your ideal client will be able to find you, chances are they... WON'T find you 🔎

The algorithm is designed to show users content that is most relevant to them. When a user searches for something on Instagram, the algorithm looks at the user's past behavior, such as posts liked, accounts followed, and searches conducted. It then uses this information to determine what content to show the user.

Improving your Instagram SEO is guaranteed to increase your searchability and better rank your presence in the platform's algorithm.

So, how can you improve it? It's really simple! You quite literally make everything in your account searchable.

Think about your ideal client and what they would be searching in order to find your product or service. Now, include those keywords and/or keyphrases in your:

🔑 account bio and name

🔑 post captions

🔑 overlay text in Reels and Stories

🔑 comment replies and direct messages

PS -- don't forget to add geotags to your posts if you're targeting a local audience.

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