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❌ I'm not here to tell you that I have some secret strategy to help you grow to 10K followers overnight. Because I don't ❌

In fact, I don't believe that a huge following is the be all, end all of social media. Because social media is so much more than the number of followers you have.

I'm here to tell you that building a community and building trust within it should be your top priority. This will naturally yield growth more valuable than anything you can pay for or stress about.

Today, I'm sharing five tactics that you can implement to promote organic growth on Instagram:

✔️ Branding

You don't have to go overboard, but there's something to say about strong brand awareness and an aesthetically pleasing presence.

✔️ Calendar

Keeping up with a consistent content planner will not only help your sanity, but it will keep your followers coming back for more.

✔️ Hashtags

Hashtags aren't king, but they definitely will help boost your insights. Try an app like @flick.hashtags to help you get started with the hashtags that are most applicable to your niche.

✔️ Relevance

As a professional in your field, it's important that you stay current on any need-to-know information that is applicable to your products and services.

✔️ Quality

And last but not least, none of this means anything, if your content isn't quality.

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