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There is nothing worst than finding a business online and not being able to figure out what they do. Don't let this be you!⁠ ❌

The key to this is understanding the basics and importance of SEO. So, let's step back and break it down ⬇️⁠

What is SEO? ⁠

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Strong SEO will increase the visibility of your online presence when people search the internet for specific keywords. ⁠

Utilizing a tool like Google Keyword Planner will help you discover new keywords related to your business. Then take it one step further and Google Search Console will measure your search traffic and performance, fix any pending issues, and boost your site in search results.⁠

Here are three quick ways you can improve the SEO of your social media accounts ⬇️⁠

▪️ Optimize your bio to include keywords related to your business⁠

▪️ Include keywords in your image file names and image alt text⁠

▪️ Make your content shareable⁠

As well as your website ⬇️ ⁠

▪️ Improve your website loading speed by compressing large files⁠

▪️ Include keywords throughout the copy of your site as well as your SEO⁠

▪️ Repurpose old content on your website ⁠

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