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Content Batching 1️⃣0️⃣1️⃣

Ready to set yourself up for success on social media? Consistency and content batching is how you do it!⁠

First, what is content batching? ⁠

It's a set focus time during which you create content in batches for a certain time period. ⁠

Before you content batch, you should be well aware of your content pillars, your goals for month, and your recent top performing posts. ⁠⁠

So, here's a few tips to get you through 30 days of posts in no time.

🔥 Be realistic about how many times per week you're going to post. Just because you should post everyday, doesn't mean you will and doesn't mean you should stress yourself over not meeting that expectation.

🔥 Research what's going on in your industry and any news or updates that you should post about. Include searching for trending audio in your research!

🔥 Write down all of your captions and ideas, including themes such as #WednesdayWins. Don't forget to EDIT your copy.

🔥 Take a look at your calendar and consider what national days or holidays you'd like to include.

🔥 Record all of your content in one sitting and create any graphics in @canva. Don't forget to resize for different platforms. Best part, Canva is FREE.

🔥 Add all of your captions to @airtable or @trello. Don't forget your hashtags and alt text!

🔥 Now, schedule your content and set yourself a daily reminder to engage with your target audience.

Complete the consultation form to work with me on your content strategy, or share this with a friend to make sure they're also getting ahead on their content planning!

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