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Accessibility and inclusivity is everything — and y’all, there are so many simple changes you can make to your Instagram content to ensure you’re meeting those objectives. When your content is MADE for everyone, it is more likely that it will REACH everyone 💞

Also, let’s just be real here for a quick sec... IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

So today I’m sharing six quick adjustments you can start making to your content today — all of which don’t require anything more than your willingness to learn new things and to just do better:

🔹 Add Alt Text to your images

🔹 Add Image Descriptions to your captions

🔹 Include hashtags in your comments, instead of your captions

🔹 Add hashtags in #CamelCase format instead of #camelcase

🔹 Include closed captions for all video content (Reels and Stories)

🔹 Avoid overly decorative (hard to read) fonts in video overlay text

One of my favorite creators to follow on Instagram is @mabely_q, Accessibility Educator and Speaker. Her content keeps me in check with regular reminders on how I can improve my social media content as well as my business practices.

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