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Let's talk about how to get those branded stickers from Canva to Instagram.

  1. Create a brand/artist account at

  2. Download your stickers from Canva [don't forget that these need to be transparent PNG's]

  3. Click on Create, select "sticker”, and upload one PNG file at a time

  4. Use cut out tools as needed and click on Continue to Animate

  5. Choose a motion filter to animate your sticker and click on Continue to Upload

  6. Make sure that your design is set to "public" for others to enjoy

  7. Add your website as SOURCE URL and add seo-friendly TAGS

  8. Add your sticker to a Giphy collection [if you wish]

  9. Click on Upload to Giphy and your sticker will be reviewed

Need to take a step back and learn how to design your stickers. Click here!

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