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There hasn’t been many announcements from what I’ve seen but when I went to go post a Reel recently, I noticed this 🚨 NEW INSTAGRAM FEATURE 🚨

Above where you can “Rename audio”, you can now ADD TOPICS to your Reels posts! Will this new feature replace hashtags entirely? Only time will tell! 😉

According to sources, Instagram is officially testing their newest SCHEDULER feature. Not everyone has the feature just yet, but here’s what you need to know!

🔹 The feature will be available in the Advanced Options settings.

🔹 You’ll be able to set a date and time for the post to publish.

🔹 And yes, it’ll be available for both static feed posts and Reels.

While I’m a girl at heart, this new feature will really help small business owners alike better manage their content while managing so many other variables in their business.

Group Profiles are just like Facebook Groups, where you can join a group based on special interests and share content based on those interests. In Group Profiles, you’d have the ability to share Reels, Stories and more.

Currently the feature is only available in Canada, but once it hits your account, here’s what you need to know:

🔎 You create a Group Profile just like you’re creating a new feed post or Reel. It will live in that drop down menu.

🔎 When you create a Group Profile, you become the admin and can manage the group settings such as members, privacy and content approval.

🔎 Each group can have up to 5,000 members.

🔎 You can post into the Group Profile and like our individual accounts, content will be displayed in a grid view.

This could be a really neat tool for those of us who offer memberships or subscriptions, especially in the Instagram app.

While I’m not excited about every new feature, I’m actually excited about these! There is a lot of opportunity here for more consistent content and SEO.

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