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If you’re like me, you have a bunch of moving parts to your business. And that can get out of control when you have a bunch of different tools that you’re using to manage your clients.

If you've been wondering what tool to use to make everything come together for you, your business, and your sanity, look no further than @Honeybook

These seven features (and I'm missing some!) have helped me to get more organized so I can work even more efficiently.

➡️ Custom Templates
I set these up to give my clients all the info my clients need, and I can add my brand to everything, so they make me look super professional!

➡️ Proposals
I’m getting booked faster than ever! HoneyBook’s proposal lets my client review my list of proposed services, sign my contract and make their payment in one place.

➡️ Contracts
Make sure your business is protected with HoneyBook contracts. They have legal templates that you can use or you can upload your own!

➡️ Online Payment
Clients get automated payment reminders that take them directly to make their payment, no matter what device they’re on! Give clients a frictionless payment experience so you can get paid faster.

➡️ Lead Management
HoneyBook’s contact form lets me get the info I need upfront and automatically adds new inquiries into HoneyBook for me so I’m organized and have one place to follow up!

➡️ Automations
Take repetitive steps off your plate and make sure your clients get follow ups on time with HoneyBook workflows.

➡️ Mobile App
I can do everything from the mobile app. I get notifications, send follow ups and files, check off tasks and view my calendar, all while I’m on the go.

Do yourself (and your business) a favor! Get 50% off your first year with code kajsanikoleco:
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