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Did you know you can do this with your Instagram Stories? Let's level up, people!

💡 Add Color Background (or Overlay)

Click the pen tool left of the text tool at the top of your screen. Choose your color with the dropper tool to access a full color swatch (or the default colors). Depending on the pen tool you choose, you can add a solid or transparent color background!

💡 Turn Photos into Boomerangs

Upload the live photo to your story. Click the "Boomerang" link tool on the top of your screen. And watch the magic work!

💡 Add Several Photos (and Change the Shape!)

Upload photo to your story. Click the story sticker to overlay another. Place the photo and click on it to change the shape (circle, heart, star, etc.).

💡 Automate Closed Captions

Inclusivity is everything! And how can you not be inclusive when features are automated!? Next time you record a video story, head over to your stickers and click on "Captions" for Instagram to generate them for you.

Which of these features are you going to try out next? Let me know in the comments! And one better 📬 do your friends a favor and send this to them so they can level up their Instagram stories, too.

Stay tuned for more tips!

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