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If you’re making one of these mistakes with your Stories, keep reading ⬇️

🚫 Posting inconsistently

Consistency does look different for everyone, so I’m not here to tell you to most 7x per week. But come up with a plan and stick to it. Even if that’s 1x per week, at least your community will know when to expect you.

🚫 Ignoring your branding + strategy

Not saying that you can’t use anything outside of your brand kit, but when you start using random elements, fonts and colors, your presence begins to seem a little disjointed. On Stories, stick with the same colors and fonts so that you have a strong presence.

🚫 Hiding content behind stickers + widgets

When you see a big NEW POST sticker on top of a post shared to Stories, do you click on it? Let’s be real, you don’t. I know I don’t. Instead, opt for a question box asking your community if they have any questions about the post or a poll asking your community for their feedback related to the post. These are more likely to prompt someone to click through to the post, than a sticker blocking the majority of it.

🚫 Failing to add closed captions

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you’re not including closed captions in your spoken video content, you’re doing it all wrong. Not only are you doing a disservice to a community of people who need it most, but you’re also limiting your reach because that same community of people may not be able to fully enjoy your content.

** It’s 2023. Instagram automates closed captions. There’s no excuse. Let’s do better. **

🚫 Overusing filters

If you can use zero filter altogether, that’s ideal, but sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed — and that’s okay. Y’all I’m the first to use the California filter when my face looks busted, but you don’t see me out here changing my eye color or adding freckles.

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