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Before you spend money on new content, stop and read this 👇🏽

Chances are, there is plenty of user-generated content (UGC) that already exists for your brand... You just haven't seen it all. To locate your brand's UGC on Instagram or TikTok, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the hashtags related to your brand or products. [And if you don't already have one, consider creating your own branded hashtag that customers can use to tag their posts, making it easier for you to source UGC in the future.]

  2. By checking your mentions, you can see if customers have tagged your brand in their content, even if they haven't used a specific hashtag or location tag.

  3. If your brand has a physical location, you can search for posts that have been tagged at your location. This can be a great way to discover UGC from those who have visited your store, restaurant, or other business.

But remember... You can't use this content without permission. Just because the content relates to your brand or product, doesn't mean it's yours for the taking. It's on you to contact the creator and ask for permission to repost it. And when you do get permission, make sure you credit them in your caption.

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