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We're not here to shame you, we're here to help you. Are you ready for the truth?

💡 You don't engage with people

Not engaging with other users can be detrimental to your online presence (and ultimately your engagement rate) for several reasons, including:

- decreased reach and visibility

- missed opportunities

- lack of community building

💡 You buy fake followers

Buying followers may seem like a quick way to boost your follower count, but it's ultimately bad for your account because:

- you're risking account suspension

- these followers are often low-quality and not at all like your ideal client

- engagement rate will be sh*t

💡 You (only) post about promos and sales

Posting only about your promos is downright annoying. Sure it might benefit your sales pipeline in the long run, but it doesn't:

- add any value to your community

- the content is boring and redundant

- your account will seem spammy

💡 You are not quick to respond

Not responding promptly can be a blow to your business and ultimately result in:

- negative impacts on customer service

- an unprofessional reputation

- loss in potential sales

Bonus 🚨 Set a daily reminder to check your Hidden Messages folder! I can't tell you how many messages I've been too late to respond to. Don't make this mistake y'all.

💡 You do not optimize for SEO

Not optimizing your content can negatively impact your reach and result in:

- a decrease in engagement

- lower search engine visibility

- lack of brand awareness

Are you doing any of these things? Let's chat about it and make a plan for how your brand can better show up on social!

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