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If you want to save time on Instagram, you need to SAVE THIS POST! 💌

I love chatting with my Community and answering questions. If you know me, you know I love efficiency equally as much! Often times, I get asked the same questions:

• What services do you offer?

• How do you do _____ on Instagram?

• Who do you work with?

• How do I schedule a call?

• Do you want to collab on _____ opportunity?

The list goes on...🤯

And instead of typing out the same responses every single time, I’ve created a series of “automations” within Instagram to help me stay consistent, efficient, and timely in my responses.

Here are three ways you too can automate your inquiries and direct them to your website, leading to more traffic and ultimately more sales. Who doesn’t want that?!

The first is SAVED REPLIES 📱

These can be found in Settings > Business > Saved Reply.

Here you can save a series of common responses you share. Think of your frequently asked questions and created Saved Replies from there. Don’t forget to direct traffic and build that mailing list while you’re at it.

PS. We don’t want to be robotic, so use your Saved Replies as a template and customize them for each user you’re communicating with.


These can be found in Settings > Business > Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you can save up to four questions for users to select from upon direct messaging you. You can choose for them to appear at the beginning of a new chat and also when restarting a chat.

And the last is STORY HIGHLIGHTS 📱

When advertising your products or services and promos or sales in Stories, don’t forget to add it to your Story Highlights.

While Stories expire after 24 hours, Story Highlights don’t. This allows you to continue promotion, without doing anything extra. Don’t forget to include a link in your Stories so that it will also be clickable in your Highlight.

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