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▫️ I’m not pushy when it comes to business development and lead generation.

▫️ I never have been.

▫️ Even when I worked specifically in previous sales roles, I couldn’t do it.

▫️ You know, that used car salesperson vibe.

▫️ Shoving offers and promos down the throats of my customers.

▫️ I’ve never been able to stomach it.

▫️ So, I don’t do it.

▫️ I have always found more success with a relationship-first mentality.

▫️ By unapologetically showing up as my most authentic self.

▫️ By genuinely prioritizing building connections.

▫️ By thinking first about my customers and later about the actual sale itself.

THIS is how I am able to secure 95% of my business through Instagram.

— 🔅 So why do I tell you all of this? 🔅 —

Like any social media platform, Instagram is an important business tool for many reasons, including generating sales and building long-lasting relationships with customers.

Today I’m sharing five ways to make make your business more readily accessible and more attractive to your customer on Instagram, ultimately leading to community growth and more sales ⤵️

💡 Share UGC and testimonials

By sharing content that allows them to see others who enjoy your product or service, they will feel more confident with proceeding with the purchase themselves.

💡 Set up frequently asked questions

In your account settings, you can set up an automation of FAQ’s to better streamline your customer experience and drive more traffic to your website.

💡 Pay to boost content

There’s only so many ways to get your content in front of a wider audience and sometimes that requires ads.

💡 Feature an Instagram shop

You have the opportunity to tag products making it that much easier for your customer.

💡 Use call-to-action statements

We’ve talked about this y’all! Every post should include a CTA. Your customers need to be told what to do with the information you’ve provided. Use CTA’s that provoke emotion, that create a FOMO, that demand immediate action.

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