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There can be so much anxiety surrounding a shoot for new content, but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way. Like anything else, you simply have to prepare. ⁠

Here are my top tips for recording content: ⁠

✔️ Good lighting ⁠

Natural light is best if you can make it happen. If you have to shoot indoors, try using a ring light for better quality. ⁠

✔️ Good camera⁠

Not all of us have a top-notch digital camera. Nowadays, an iPhone will do the trick. Remember that a filter or a good editing app goes a long way.⁠

✔️ Tripod⁠

Whether you have a friend to assist or you're doing it all yourself, nothing's worse than shaky footage. We're not in an episode of COPS (lol). A $20 tripod on Amazon and a Bluetooth remote goes a long way. ⁠

✔️ Shot list⁠

I don't know about you, but I can get real awkward, real quick. Something that has helped me to capture better content, as silly as it sounds, is to mimic what I see others doing in their photos. Before a shoot I browse Pinterest for "brand photoshoot" and use that as inspiration. ⁠

✔️ Saved audio⁠

If you are planning to batch record reels, it is so helpful to save all audio in advance. You'll thank me later! ⁠

P.S. When recording your reels, don't forget to utilize the 'timer' and 'align' tools to help you better capture your video content. ⁠

✔️ Outfit changes⁠

This isn't an absolute necessity, but if you don't want all your content to be in the same outfit, bring a few extras with you and change every few photos or reels. ⁠

✔️ Good energy⁠

There have been plenty of shoot days where I just didn't have the energy and let me tell you, it showed and I had to redo it. If you're not in the right mindset, reschedule the shoot. It can wait.⁠

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