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Using direct messages on Instagram can help you turn your idle or passive followers into paying clients. But, you first have to build that relationship and that trust. Engage with your followers by commenting on their posts and showing genuine interest in what they are sharing. The sale is a long-term strategy, so don't always expect immediate results.

Here are my three favorite ways to get more traffic through direct messages 📲

💎 Contact those who have commented on your posts

Carry on the conversation in direct messages and see what additional questions or thoughts they may have on the topic. Making this connection shows that there's a real person behind the account that cares about learning more about others.

💎 Use interactive stickers in stories

By using the poll feature for example, you can pre-qualify potential clients based on how answer certain questions. Recently in my stories, I announced the launch of my new service and used the poll sticker to gather valuable data from my target audience so that I can carry my marketing efforts forward and nurture potential leads.

💎 Drive traffic to your messages

Include a CTA in your posts and drive traffic to DM you first. Your CTA can include everything from promoting an exclusive offer to confirming a discount code to sharing a secret link.

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