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It's not rocket science. If you don't engage with your community, they won't engage back. Point, blank, period.

So, let's talk about the different ways you can interact with your target audience to boost your overall engagement ⬇️

⚡Post shareable content

Shares and saves are the more valuable engagement metrics over likes and comments and subsequently, highly shareable content is then favored in the algorithm. Don't just post to post. Create content that people not only want to consume, but that they also *need* to save for later reference or send to a friend.

⚡Utilize interactive Story stickers

Applying different stickers such as polls, questions and quizzes will prompt your audience to engage with your content without it requiring too much effort. These stickers are particularly helpful for collecting feedback and creating new content.

⚡Optimize SEO

The algorithm is scanning your account and content for search-engine optimized keywords and phrases that are relevant in your industry, so bake them into your captions (where it makes sense of course) so that you can reach a broader audience.

⚡Interact with your target audience

Let's get one thing straight... don't just interact for a follow. Actually make a conscious effort to engage with other people and their content. Actually read their caption and start a conversation. Don't just reply with an emoji or "love this post!" and think you're done.

⚡Collaborate with other creators

If you have the opportunity to collaborate with other creators who are aligned and who can meet your value-add, I say go for it! This gives you the unique opportunity to reach a broader audience you may not have reached without this collab and increase content interactions (likes, comments, etc.).

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