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You've heard us all say it, NOW is the time of reels.

If you haven't been posting reels, the New Year is the time to start!

Instagram Reels allows you to create fun and short videos using trending audio and music. High-performing reels will help you attract new followers which can turn into new clients and customers.

Here's 10 reels for you to try out today:

🎥 Behind the scenes

🎥 What's it like working with you

🎥 Tips and tricks

🎥 Teaser video of upcoming project

🎥 Your services

🎥 Your products

🎥 Reintroduce yourself

🎥 Before and after

🎥 Share a client review

🎥 Share something personal

Still not confident? Need an accountability partner? I am now offering Monthly Instagram Coaching! Click here to inquire today about this service to help you with your content, specifically your Instagram Reels.

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