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With the numbers and views how they've been, it's easy to suspect that you've been shadow banned.

The good news? Instagram will tell you if so. Here are the things you can check!

⚡ Account Status

From your settings menu, locate Account and click on Account Status. On this screen, you will be notified of any actions Instagram has taken against you when your account or content isn't compliant with their Community Guidelines.

⚡ Removed Content

From the same screen, you can view specific content that has been removed and learn what you can do to resolve the issue, including editing or removing the content or requesting additional review.

⚡ Content can't be recommended

From the same screen, you will see whether or not your content is eligible to be recommended in places like Explore, Reels and Feed Recommendations to people who don't already follow you.

⚡ Broken Hashtags

Banned or broken hashtags are ones that have been reported by users because they go again Instagram's Community Guidelines. If you're using banned hashtags, it's likely that your content won't have the same reach and visibility. You can check banned hashtags efficiently, by using tools like MetaHashtags and Flick.

And if all else fails, you can always reach out directly to Instagram's support team to get more insight into the status of your account and content.

For more Instagram content and strategy tips, follow me @KAJSANIKOLECO 🤎 and turn on page notifications so you never miss a post!

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