It's time to take control and master what should be working for YOU, not the other way around. Why wait weeks or months for the service you can receive in one day?

VIP Day means you have access to me ALL DAY. I am solely focused on you, your business and your HoneyBook or Instagram.

word on the street

Nikki H.

I knew how important having a centralized CRM was but did not have the time to establish one. Kajsa made the process of creating my Honeybook account seamless! She input all of my packages, pricing, contracts, and added automations that truly optimize my workflow! Kajsa even added branding elements from my business that helped me feel right at home in the system from day one. Having Kajsa guide me though my new CRM and offer ongoing support has brought great ease to my client management. If you're on the fence, do yourself a favor and take the leap. You won't regret it!

Margaret H.

My thing is numbers and I don't know all the ins and outs of social media, especially with all the changes happening with Instagram. I came across Kajsa's services and saw that she was now offering VIP Day services, so I inquired. After I met with her, I instantly knew I wanted to book. Who wouldn't want a custom social media strategy and to get months ahead with planning and scheduling? The VIP Day was worth every penny, and I've been trying to refer others to do the same. Small business owners, I cannot stress how much you need this and how much you'll be thanking yourself later.


this sounds amazing

but I want a little more information...


On VIP Day, we'll kickoff the day with a call. We will discuss any outstanding items and share any remaining access points. We'll break from the call and I get straight to work! We'll end the day with another call. We will discuss the progress thus far, walk through tutorials, and discuss any outstanding items and change requests. We'll break from the call and I'll resume your HoneyBook build until completion.

On day two, we'll briefly regroup for a final walkthrough call and I'll send you on your merry way to getting your time back!

What's Included: 

* Unlimited Contact on VIP Day *

* Private Asana Board *

* Three 1:1 Calls *

* 3 Contact Forms *

* 3 Brochures *

* 3 Questionnaires *

* 1 Invoice *

* 1 Proposal *

* 20 Email Templates *

* 3 Scheduler Links *

* 10 Packages / Services *

* 2 Workflows *

* Training Recording *

* 14-Day Technical Support *

Starting at $2000 USD



On VIP Day, we'll be on Zoom throughout the day to setup your accounts, customize your content and engagement strategy, design social media templates, plan out your content, and more!


On day two, we'll briefly regroup for a final walkthrough call and I'll send you on your merry way with two less months to worry about and the content of your dreams!

What's Included: 

* Unlimited Contact on VIP Day *

* Private Asana Board *

* Full Instagram Audit *

* Account Setup or Optimization *

* Content & Engagement Strategy *

* Custom Content Bank *

* Custom Hashtag Bank *

* 10 Design Templates *

* Link in Bio Account Setup *

* Canva Account Setup *

* Scheduler Account Setup *

* Two Months of Content Planning *

* One Month of Content Scheduling *

* Training Recording *

* 14-Day Technical Support *

Starting at $3000 USD


"What is a CRM? Why do I need one? 'Honey' who?"


"I signed up for HoneyBook, but haven't used it since because I don't know where to start."

"I have a pretty strong foundation and process, but I'd love to learn how to tie it together with some automations."

"I'm spending way too much time on backend items, like responding to inquiries and scheduling calls. Can I automate this process to save me time?"

"I find it so hard to think of social media content and because of that, I don't post consistently." 

"What is IGTV? What is a Live? What in the world is a Reel?"

"I have all of these great ideas and I can write copy all day long, but I don't have an eye for design."

"What are hashtags? How do I use them?"

"I wish someone could help me just for one day to set everything up, so that I could take it over from there."

Did you just think, "OMG, that's me! I need help."












Who is the VIP Day for?

Those who already have a strong foundation in place - they just need someone (me!) to tie it all together, whether it be your CRM or your social media.

What is the benefit of a VIP Day?

The benefit of a VIP Day is that you receive the same, high-quality service in a fraction of the time. If you're confident you can manage the system on your own, you just need help starting out on the right foot, a VIP Day is your solution.

How involved is the process for me?

You're certainly not sitting this one out. The VIP Day is involved for both HoneyBook and Instagram. We'll be in constant communication leading up to and throughout the day as I work on your project, so I always recommend blocking the entire day off in your calendar if you're able to do so.

How do I prepare for my VIP Day?

With either service, you'll have access to a private Asana board, where you'll be assigned tasks to best prepare us for your VIP Day. With HoneyBook for example, I'll ask you to think through your workflows and processes and gather your most frequently used emails. With Instagram for example, I'll ask you think about your branding (including colors and typography if you've decided on them) and gather media such as photos and videos. 

I don't see VIP Days offered on my preferred date, what should I do?

To accommodate and best serve my other clients, I have decided to offer VIP Days only on Wednesdays. But contact me anyways, I will consider alternate dates if and when my availability allows.

What is the cancellation / refund policy?

As with my other services, I have a strict nonrefundable policy, as I am turning away other projects to accommodate yours. I appreciate your understanding.

Why a VIP Day over a monthly retainer?

It's definitely not for everyone (and that's okay!). VIP Days are for those who are ready to take everything over themselves once our time together has ended.

Can my business partner or team member attend VIP Day?

Yes! The more, the merrier. And worst case, they can always watch the training recording afterward and ask any questions that you may not have thought of.

I don't have HoneyBook or Instagram setup. Can you help?

Absolutely! And in fact, special for HoneyBook users, I can save you 50% OFF your first year. Click here for this special offer and use my code: kajsanikoleco.

What is a VIP Day? 

VIP Day means you have access to me ALL DAY. I am solely focused on you, your business and your HoneyBook or Instagram.

What if I need support beyond the 14-day technical support?

I'd be happy to continue to assist you and remain in touch! We can discuss custom pricing for continued services beyond the initial scope of work, whether that be on an hourly or retainer basis.